I've Been Voodoo'd

by Baba Ali

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I've been voodoo'd, i've been voodoo'd (repeat)

I didn't bother to cast my vote
Guess i'm complacent i forgot u was woke
It all went up in smoke, what a joke!
And ain't nothin changed, man i'm still hopeless and broke
My mobile phone selling me shit i don't need
My credit card's maxed out from buying shit i don't need
I cut my finger just to see if it bleeds, i'm just looking for a pinch to pull me out of this dream
So many thoughts i'd love to express but i'm restricted to 140 characters or less
The ones up top don't care to clean up their mess no no
They're all more concerned with collecting their checks

I've been voodoo'd, i've been voodoo'd (repeat)

Internet echo chambers spread hate and lies, no surprise
Before you conquer them you gotta divide
So what's the point in even picking a side
When the writing's on the wall, we've been taken for a ride
They're all in it together, birds of the same feather
Television, religion, politickin'
Puppeteers pull strings, governer's to kings
You can't lose when you write the rules to the game

I've been voodoo'd, i've been voodoo'd (repeat)

We've been led astray for the personal gain of a few who rule and yet remain unnamed
There ain't no mothership to take us away, there ain't no drugs strong enough to relieve our pain
Hail holy mary don't waste your grace, i ain't got the strength to pray when there's no food on my plate
Maybe i'm just someone who loves to complain
Fool me once, fool me twice, i guess i share the blame!

I've been voodoo'd, i've been voodoo'd (repeat)


released October 10, 2017


all rights reserved



Baba Ali New York, New York

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